Implementation of Sustainability Policy

A clear definition of sustainability, presented at a 1987 UN conference, defined sustainable developments as those that "meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs".

Earth Friendly Products aims to have a positive impact on environmental sustainability and environmental justice by insuring that principles and core concepts of environmental sustainability are a driving force in our partnerships with the community-at-large, and a key factor in every aspect of our operations and implementations. Earth Friendly Products assigns clear roles and responsibilities, and allocating adequate resources to our sustainability program. We articulate our shared values, establish clear metrics, use them to track our improvements and hold management accountable for results. At Earth Friendly Products, we continuously aim to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and products throughout the life cycle; from design, procurement, production, distribution, product use through end-of-life, thus optimizing use of natural resources.

At Earth Friendly Products, we strongly aim to operate and manage the organization in a way that enables all people to realize their potential and improve their quality of life while protecting and enhancing the earth’s natural capital. We are therefore committed to continually improve the integration of sustainability into our working environment and business processes. Earth Friendly Products is committed to accountability and transparency and aims to play a proactive role in contributing to achieving sustainability where we have influence. The aim of the Sustainability Policy is to:

  • Comply with current environmental legislation;
  • Consider, assess and take actions where necessary to continuously improve environmental practices;
  • Emphasize to employees at all levels their own responsibility to the environmental well-being, giving training and information where applicable;
  • Display and provide this Policy to all employees including Sub-contractors;
  • Audit environmental and sustainability performance;
  • Review this policy taking in to consideration any audit findings annually as a minimum.

Our Director of Sustainability will be responsible for implementing this Policy and, as far as is reasonably practicable, ensure that all the projects are carried out in accordance with this Policy. Environmental & Sustainability Policy Statements

Earth Friendly Products is committed to the principles that are outlined in this Sustainability Policy. Compliance with environmental regulations applicable to our operations and supply chain, products and packaging are continuing priorities. At our owned and operated manufacturing and distribution facilities in United States of America, we strive for 100 percent environmental compliance and are committed to conducting independent, third-party audits. We continually work to raise environmental awareness of employees across the company and build a sustainability culture through effective networking, programs and training. As a Green Company, Earth Friendly Products has an ethical and civic obligation to safeguard a critical public resource – the natural environment. The company also has a duty to establish physical environments and organizational practices that are conducive to learning and the health, well-being, and effectiveness of all people within Earth Friendly Products.

This includes office management, procurement and the way we communicate. We will use our position, purchasing power and marketing voice to influence others towards sustainability in business.

Environmental, Health and Safety Compliances

Earth Friendly Products is committed to integrating the environment and safety principles into our operations and products, and achieving an incident and injury free environment for our employees and contractors.

Earth Friendly Products will comply with all applicable regulatory requirements wherever we operate. We will engage with stakeholders to develop responsible regulations and innovative programs that provide safeguards for the community, the workplace, and the environment while providing flexibility to meet the needs of our business.

Earth Friendly Products is committed to provide a safe, injury-free workplace by integrating safety into our daily business decisions and processes. Management leads the effort behind this important value, and all employees are responsible for both their safety and the safety of those around them. We actively promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage employees to proactively manage their personal health. As we expand our knowledge and understanding of the impact of our operations and our products, we will share this knowledge with the broader community.

Earth Friendly Products is committed to continually improving our Environmental, Health and Safety standards, culture and performance, and will transparently report our performance goals and metrics. We will continue to maintain appropriate controls, including periodic review, to ensure that this policy is being followed.

Sustainable Marketing Strategies

Objective: Engage all Earth Friendly Products stakeholders in our path toward sustainability. Actions: Develop products and services that challenge conventional construction paradigms and provide more sustainable alternatives. Work with the stakeholders to evolve the industry to a more sustainable model. Earth Friendly Products stakeholders include its members, customers, dealers, suppliers, field sales force, the media, trade associations, certifying organizations, and all communities in which a Earth Friendly Products facility operates. As a member of these extended circles of influence, Earth Friendly Products will conduct its day-to-day business using practices that result in the least environmental harm. Earth Friendly Products shall establish a system to promote environmental sustainability in our contracts and purchasing by including environmental sustainability as a criterion for the point evaluation of vendors and contractors doing business with Earth Friendly Products. We will encourage our suppliers, dealers, customers, and others to seek sustainable solutions in the choices they make every day by:

  • Engaging consumers, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to identify sustainability opportunities and concerns regarding our operations and products.
  • Collaborating with these stakeholders to develop mutually-beneficial initiatives and solutions.

Earth Friendly Products is committed to the following principles for achieving our corporate vision in a sustainable manner and will seek to integrate sustainability considerations into all business decisions, including but not limited to:

  • Energy management
  • Procurement practices
  • Materials and resource management
  • Landscaping and grounds maintenance
  • Transportation
  • Building construction, renovation and maintenance

Pollution Prevention Strategies

Sources of Impact: At Earth Friendly Products, strive to conserve natural resources through innovative processes and continuous improvement methodologies with the goal of reducing, reusing and recycling. Our manufacturing and production is committed to this hierarchy of Pollution Prevention Policies to reduce Air Pollution and Carbon footprint:

  • Reduce Direct Emissions - reducing the in-house carbon footprint and creating bottom line savings by implementing all cost-effective carbon reduction measures.
  • Reduce indirect emissions - working with other organizations, e.g. suppliers to reduce emissions.

Source #1: Indoor Air Pollution Prevention Strategies

Working Environment


  • Maintaining an environmentally friendly and healthful working environment, including the maintenance of well-ventilated, chemical-free indoor airspaces that take into consideration;
  • To reduce the impact of emissions / toxins from office equipment.

Policies and Targets: Procedures and practices consistent with this commitment shall be established dealing both with institutional practices (e.g., use of low and no VOC paints and low-toxicity cleaning supplies, establishing clear construction protocols with contractors, etc.) as well as the personal behavior of individuals (e.g., implementation and enforcement of no-smoking policies).

Source #2: Outdoor Air Pollution Prevention Strategies

Sustainable Transportation: (This includes delivery of raw materials for manufacturing, transportation of finish products to the customers and travels by EFP staff on a daily basis for getting to work and/or business travels.)


  • Eliminate harmful emissions associated with the distribution of our products and services and staff business travel;
  • To minimize carbon emissions and other impacts by avoiding unnecessary business travel;
  • To minimize the impact of necessary staff business travel by maximizing the use of public transport, walking or cycling;
  • To offset the residual carbon emissions from business travel;
  • For inbound freight, we collaborate with other area companies to “ride share,” reducing costs and trucks on the road.


  • Number of business journeys by mode / distance traveled by mode per annum;
  • The ratio of distance (km) traveled by train to distance traveled by air (km);
  • Total carbon dioxide emissions from travels; • Amount of carbon emissions offset per annum;
  • Number of replacements to out of office meetings (e.g. teleconference, video conference and web cam) per annum.


  • Record all lengths of business travel by mode and calculate emissions/warming potential;
  • Record the number of out of office meetings and alternatives (teleconference / video conference / web cam) where it is a replacement for meetings.
  • Incorporate the above two measures into staff monitoring sheet;
  • Develop a target for reducing carbon emissions from air travel per full time equivalent (FTE) and turnover per year;
  • Investigate becoming carbon neutral;
  • Internal travel policy and procedures have been updated to state how staff should be traveling to ensure that emissions are minimized. All staff have been notified of these changes and, where possible, public transport is used;
  • Earth Friendly Products has invested in video conferencing and encourages clients to utilize this facility as a means of minimizing the consumption of fossil fuels as well as reducing traffic congestion and the resultant levels of carbon emissions;
  • Provide sustainable training for employees.

Source #3: Energy Consumption in Production and Offices

Objectives: Increase energy efficiency and utilize renewable energy alternatives to become climate neutral, with the long-term objective of utilizing 100% renewable energy.

Policies and Targets: Earth Friendly Products is committed to install solar panels to utilize renewable energy sources to reduce overall demand on depletable resources. Earth Friendly Products is committed to maximizing energy efficiency in heating, cooling, lighting, information technology, mechanical, and water systems.

Earth Friendly Products is committed to the goal of maximum use of renewable-energy sources and the reduction of energy-related Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. To this end, Earth Friendly Products will create a plan to reduce its current greenhouse gas emissions caused by energy consumption by 50% within five years of the adoption of this policy and within ten years be “carbon neutral” (i.e., have completely eliminated its net contribution to global warming caused by energy consumption.) Within one year of the adoption of this policy, Earth Friendly Products shall establish a plan and a timetable to meet these goals. Immediate action will be taken by 1) using low energy bulbs in lighting fixtures and 2) as new office equipment is required, purchasing the most energy efficient equipment.


  • Total carbon dioxide emissions from production and office energy use.


  • Ensure computer equipment is set to go to standby when left for a short period and equipment turned off at night where practical;
  • Continue efforts to improve HVAC efficiency at all facilities;
  • Develop target for the proportion of electricity from renewable and investment in new schemes;
  • A main thrust of our work is to influence behaviors to ensure that unused equipment is fully switched off. “SWITCH IT OFF“ labels are applied to electrical appliances (monitors, computers, printers and photocopiers);
  • In terms of procurement, we have introduced a policy of purchasing the most efficient equipment including flat screen monitors that use less energy than CRT monitors;
  • Develop energy-saving building standards for new construction, renovation and expansion products and replacement of fixtures and equipment;
  • Provide sustainable training for employees to emphasize and encourage energy conservation in the workplace by employees.

Source #4: Water Use


  • To minimize water usage in production and internal;
  • Reduce and/or re-use waste water;
  • To maximize the use of rain water.

Policies and Targets: As equipment is replaced, purchase the most water efficient equipment when compared with alternatives of a similar cost and performance.


  • Review measures that could be taken to reduce water use;
  • Provide sustainability training for employees.

Actions: Commitment to the reduction of water consumption for all uses, including irrigation and manufacturing purposes. Earth Friendly Products shall carry out a water-use audit within 6 months of the establishment of this policy and within one year establish appropriate but aggressive water reduction goals and measures.

Source #5: Waste Generation

Objectives: Earth Friendly Products is committed to waste source reduction, the reduction of consumption and the re-use of materials and shall establish and implement appropriate procedures consistent with these commitments. Earth Friendly Products is committed to comprehensive recycling as a last resort (when reduction and re-use are not effective) and as a means to transform waste into a resource.

Policies and Targets

  • All waste office paper and toner cartridges will be recycled;
  • All glass, cans and plastic bottles will be recycled;
  • All redundant office equipment will be sold or donated for reuse or recycled;
  • As office equipment is replaced, purchase the most resource efficient equipment (e.g. toner waste etc) compared with alternatives of a similar cost and performance;
  • Study onsite solid waste collection services;
  • Continue and expand citywide recycling program;
  • Increase onsite recycling;
  • Increase collection of recyclable materials (Cardboards, Paper, Plastics, Aluminum, etc.);
  • A comprehensive recycling plan (including a community education component) for paper, cardboard, bottles and cans shall be funded and implemented within 1 year of the adoption of this policy.


  • Weight of trash generated per annum.


Earth Friendly Products is committed to the elimination of solid waste, primarily through reduction of consumption and waste source reduction, secondarily through reuse, and finally through recycling. It is our goal to reduce the solid waste output from current levels by 80% within 5 years and by 99.99% within 10 years. Earth Friendly Products is committed to composting food waste and biodegradable bio-mass material and shall establish and implement appropriate procedures.

Source #6: Consumption of Papers, Cartridges, Office Supplies and other Materials in the Offices and Production.


  • To minimize the impacts of producing the paper used.
  • To minimize the impact of products purchased (including product miles).

Policies and Targets: All paper procured for use in Earth Friendly Products publications, promotional materials copies, classroom and office reproduction shall have a minimum of 30% Post-Consumer Waste or of comparably sustainable alternative fiber sources. Bulk copy paper for black-and-white document reproduction (e.g., printing and photocopying) shall be of 100% Post- Consumer Waste content or of comparably sustainable alternative fiber sources. Further, all bulk copy paper purchases shall minimize environmentally harmful bleaching agents. Within one year of the adoption of this policy, Earth Friendly Products shall have a plan to reduce or eliminate the use of petroleum-based inks in all contracted printing for Earth Friendly Products.

Earth Friendly Products will grant preference to products that are certified by independent third-party environmental auditing and certification organizations. Earth Friendly Products recognizes that environmentally responsible purchasing will help create and sustain markets for environmentally sustainable products.

Earth Friendly Products is committed to and encourages the procurement of products and services that have a lesser or reduced adverse effect on human health and the environment when compared to other products and services that serve the same purpose with comparable efficacy. The long-term goal of this policy is to purchase products with zero waste, high recycled content, produced and delivered in an environmentally sustainable manner, and which demonstrate, through lifecycle accounting, maximum durability or biodegradability, reparability, energy-efficiency, non-toxicity, and recyclability. Earth Friendly Products shall purchase remanufactured products such as toner cartridges, tires, furniture, equipment and automotive parts whenever practicable, but without reducing safety, quality or effectiveness. Food services programs, caterers and vendors in Earth Friendly Products are: 1) required to utilize re-usable/compostable utensils and serving containers. It is the policy of Earth Friendly Products to discourage the use of paper cups and bottled water served in non-compostable containers and to provide alternatives for the provision of fresh drinking water in an environmentally sustainable, hygienic, and economically thrifty manner.

Actions: Baseline for monitoring paper use to be established and paper use. Provide sustainable training for employees to adapt Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and bring the 4th R, Re-think.

  • This includes the stationery we use within our premises, for client communication and also the paper used in our clients’ publications;
  • All copier paper, including colored reams for specific purposes, now comprises at least 80% recycled material and much is 100% recycled;
  • All office pads (flipcharts, bound pads, shorthand notebooks etc), as well as 30% of envelopes, are now made from recycled paper;
  • Filing and storage products are made from recycled paper include hanging files, lever arch files, box files, document wallets and square cut folders;
  • Remanufactured toners are currently being trialed;
  • Double-sided printing is encouraged throughout the office;
  • E-mail footers now include a statement to encourage the reader to save paper by either not printing, or if necessary, printing double-sided;
  • Fax toners are collected and recycled on a regular basis.

With regard to external publications, Earth Friendly Products has reviewed various options, taking into account factors such as quality, recycled content, environmental credentials of different suppliers and costs. As a result, we have switched to chlorine-free paper that is made from 75% post-consumer waste.

In addition, Earth Friendly Products use publication/application forms in standard sizes and shapes. This reduces wastage and also provides cost saving benefits. In exceptional circumstances where there is a creative reason and the impact of the end result will be positive, we will produce bespoke shapes or sizes. The printer uses waterless printing technology and environmentally friendly inks.

Source #7: Green Building and Sustainable Site Management


Use green building design and practices to construct new buildings and interior renovations for all Earth Friendly Products facilities and ensure sites in use are managed for sustainability.

Policy and Target: Earth Friendly Products is committed to green building for our own facilities. Our green buildings provide us with living laboratories for ideas and products and the opportunity to collaborate with our customers. All bond, facilities and instructional equipment expenditures shall comply with this policy. Earth Friendly Products is committed to sustainable landscaping and grounds design, construction and maintenance practices which promote integrated pest management and use of drought tolerant, fire safe, and native vegetation types and shall establish and implement appropriate procedures consistent with these commitments. Earth Friendly Products is committed to utilizing LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) or equivalent certification criteria in all of its renovation and in all new-building construction. All buildings shall be maintained and/or regularly re-commissioned to insure the integrity of their environmental sustainability standards. Social Responsibility

Objective: Support the communities in which we conduct business and operate as an ethical organization. To support local businesses and contribute to our local community and the environment.

Policies and Targets: Earth Friendly Products is committed to playing a constructive and collaborative role in the life of the surrounding community, including disadvantage communities. We seek to take a leadership role in the community and support an inclusive and collaborative approach to sustainability. Earth Friendly Products’ strategy for social responsibility is to do business with an eye to improvement in these three areas: All employees, their families and communities. Our employees are the basis of our success around the world. Earth Friendly Products provides an environment that facilitates equal opportunities for all individual staff members to develop themselves for success.

Actions: Earth Friendly Products shall seek to:

  • Establish partnerships with government, business and community organizations that strive to foster environmental consciousness and lead to the betterment of our campus and surrounding communities;
  • Encourage activities that benefits local communities, businesses and organizations;
  • Share experiences and provide outreach to the community wherever feasible;
  • Increase awareness and inform the community on sustainability related issues.


Integration: Earth Friendly Products shall develop relevant sustainability criteria for processes of budgeting, facilities and land use practices, and administrative staff reviews and promotion. Such criteria, when appropriate, shall be reflected in reports and materials prepared for Board consideration. Integrate sustainability across the entire corporation, including business processes, products and day-to-day decision-making. We shall engage in pollution prevention activities and develop and promote practices that maximize beneficial effects and minimize harmful effects of operations and activities on the surrounding environment.

Communication and Training: Earth Friendly Products regularly shares best practices and sustainability knowledge through targeted electronic communications, seminar presentations, membership in trade, sustainability-focused organizations, and by electronically publishing our annual Sustainability Report. Earth Friendly Products aims to empower employees to practice these principles on a daily basis through adequate education and training, and by creating a workplace with a supportive culture in which our sustainability efforts are regularly discussed, and opportunities for improvement are sought out, shared and implemented when possible. Earth Friendly Products will seek to:

  • Educate staff on the Sustainability Policy and commitments to sustainability;
  • Promote development and expansion of sustainability related research and curriculum;
  • Support sustainability related service and learning opportunities on and off manufacturing sites;
  • Encourage sustainability themed programming opportunities and events.

Review: Earth Friendly Products is committed to the assessment and review of the implementation of this policy and we will develop and track measures of our progress.

Reporting: An annual report on environmental programs and the implementation of this policy shall be presented to the Board by the end of the first calendar quarter of each year by the Director of Sustainability. This report shall include quantifiable measures of major sustainability goals including but not limited to electricity and gas use, water conservation, solid waste reduction and diversion, recycling implementation, LEED building and renovation certification and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reductions within Earth Friendly Products.