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ECOS PRO™ UniTab® Plus Urinal Block & Screen, Pink Spice

Product #: PL3625

UniTab® Plus Urinal Block & Screen (Pink Spice)
UniTab® Plus Urinal Block & Screen (Pink Spice)

The patented "NON-PARA" UniTab® deodorizes, cleans, descales, delimes, removes and prevents corrosion, uremic salt build up, waste build-up and keeps fixture and drain lines clear and open. The acid-stable enzymes actually prevent the formation of ammonia which causes urine odors. There are many products available without p-DCB (PARA) that will deodorize, most of those products are basically blocks of soap that break apart fast and clog drain lines. The reason the UniTab® is patented is because it deodorizes and maintains drain lines without p-DCB. Triangular version’s flexibility allows it to fit in any urinal, while the round version is designed to fit over drain domes. Non-toxic, greywater and septic safe.

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PL3625 / 12 12 pk - 2.5 oz block and screen

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PL3625 UniTab® Plus Urinal Block & Screen (Pink Spice)