Behind the ECOS® Pro label are facilities with high standards that form a trifecta of careful, consistent action recognized by third parties exercising oversight. First, there is in-depth recycling of all materials that can be re-used or recycled. This kind of rigorous capture of materials results in amounts that are often beyond municipal capacities, so each facility turns to trustworthy recycling resources, winning us the name of ‘Partner’ in the US EPA’s Wastewise program.

Second, the careful monitoring, purifying and re-use of water for all building sectors including manufacturing lowers water use substantially. Items like low-flow restroom facilities and water-efficient appliances help keep it low. Third, the use of alternate energy sources like solar panels and offsets keep each facility’s carbon

footprint neutral. Dozens of small steps provide an aggregate big impact: movement initiated light fixtures, energy-star rated equipment, installation of skylights and more. For this, the US EPA has given us their ‘Green Power Partner’ insignia.

Dr. Nadereh Arfsharmeneh, Vice President of Sustainability and Education, measures, monitors Education prepared by a sustainability champion and documents all facilities. Each facility has its own rotating sustainability champion, because this kind of trifecta isn’t the work of a few. This kind of trifecta requires the dedication of every worker.



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