For over 50 years, ECOS® Pro has been developing formulations that work hard and get the job done without employing dangerously toxic chemicals. Our wide ranging database in green technologies and authoritative chemical and environmental expertise are harnessed in the interest of one basic goal: A healthier planet for healthier people.

Put simply, a building cleaned with safer products benefits everyone. It makes a difference in indoor air quality and safety. It also affects the surrounding land, air and water; part of the building’s ‘footprint’. That’s why, from our patented, ground‐breaking Unitab® deodorizing block—an early innovation that performed without the damaging chemical p-­DCB—to our highly effective Stain & Odor Remover, we’ve focused on a full array of safer, hard working cleaners to meet the challenges professionals tackle every day. Whether it’s our Stainless Steel Polish, power packed OxoBrite® or a better way to remove graffiti, we’ve developed a premier product that is third-­‐party certified.

There’s more. A safer building could mean lower instances of ailments, fewer absences and lower insurance rates. We’re convinced that going green is not only good for people and the planet—it’s also good for business.



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