ECOS® Pro OxoBrite™ Oxygenating Whitener & Brightener Powder, 8.5lb

Product#: PL9892

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Non-chlorine whitener and brightener removes stains by releasing oxygen when activated by water. The released oxygen then penetrates the stain’s molecules and the compromised stain disappears. Has dozens of uses: a laundry pre-soak or booster, a whitener, a carpet spot remover, bathroom grout cleaner; even works on a garage or shop floor. Color-safe and compatible with high-efficiency machines, OxoBrite™ is effective against oil and water-based stains and effective in all temperatures. Its readily biodegradable formula is made using sustainable ingredients. Free of synthetic perfumes and made without dyes; greywater and septic safe.



ECOS® Pro OxoBrite™ Oxygenating Whitener & Brightener Powder, 8.5lb: Product is concentrated powder. Can be used in a variety of cleaning applications. Start with a 1:32 dilution and adjust based on specific job.

Ingredients CAS#
Sodium Carbonate Peroxide (mineral stain remover) 15630-89-4
Sodium Carbonate (mineral-based water-softener) 497-19-8

Additional Ingredient Information

Product# Size
PL9892 / 04 8.5 lb

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